What to do with “The Cartoon Palooza?”

Well it’s good to be back on the blog-o-sphere… or at least back, seeing the last time I posted was when I considered hosting a cartoon review series… 😛

Anyways, it’s been picking up steam. I have subscribers on both a blip and youtube page, I contribute to websites, work with other reviewers, and have managed to put out material at least in a week or two. It may or may not be a review, but from where I am; I feel satisfied.

Some problems have arose, though. As much as I want to keep the show consistent, it’s hard to meet demands of what people want me to do and what I want to do. Sometimes it becomes less fun and more of a chore (and I hate those as it is!). I guess what I am trying to type is that I want to get back to my roots. When I first started off, I wanted to be conservative and have simple 6 minutes worth of shits and giggles.

Now I look at what I edit, and it goes into the 10+ minute terretory, and (sigh!) 20 minutes! I think if I had to choose a review I’m most proud of, pertaining to what I originally wanted to having a blast while making would have to be my “Beetlejuice TAS review…” which you can check out here, no shameful-plug-necessary!

So… I guess my real question is (and you don’t have to answer), is where do I go from here?


About tedzey

I'm a psych. pre med major at Drexel University, and I LOVE CARTOONS!
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