“South Park: It’s a Jersey Thing” reaction

So I just watched the newest episode of “South Park,” and I could honestly say the guys who work on that show are some of the funniest people on earth!

“It’s a jersey thing” embodies some of the qualities that make New Jersey reality shows worth watching. Now I don’t watch “The Real Housewives of New Jersey,” but this summer I embraced my inner Guido by watching “Jersey Shore.”

The Snooki charicature the best part! Not only did they take a stab at a character that most people fail at recreating, but they did it with actual knowledge from the show!

Take a look at what the schmucks behind “Vampires Sucks” muster up.

Thank you Captain Obvious, and recreating the back of the season one DVD cover.

Now lets compare it to South Park.The pickle eating, the drinking, and even the reaction to getting punched is spot on!

I can’t find an image or clip, but they’re a portion of Osama Bin Laden (long story) watching the intro to jersey shore. Right after they show “The snooki monster,” Vinnie’s face is shown next. Is it a really clever reference, or am I just making sense of chaos?


About tedzey

I'm a psych. pre med major at Drexel University, and I LOVE CARTOONS!
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