“Mars Need Moms!” and why it might not suck!

So I was reading a animation blog to pass some time, and I find an article about a new Motion Capture movie from Robert Zemeckises company (which I guess was made prior to being dissolved). Its not really an article, but the poster for the upcoming movie.

Where do I begin…

Remember those crappy 80s’ flicks where the nuclear family would jump the shark by getting shrunk by a shrink ray, aliens stopping over for dinner, and Hulk Hogan becoming your nanny?

yes… this movie exists, people.

That’s the impression I had from looking at this poster. I could only imagine what terrible hi-jinks would ensue when the prettiest mothers Hollywood can afford are abducted by green men from mars!
In Mo-cap…

presented in Imax…

and (wait for it)…


But when you cross that bridge and read the credits below, you get a different impression. For me, It was reading that Simon Wells wrote and directed this movie. If that name sounds familiar, you’re probably thinking the same thing me. Simon Wells IS in fact related to that other Wells guy, H.G. He’s his great grandson. The same guy who wrote “The First Men in the Moon,” “The Time Machine,” and (get this) “War of the Worlds.” So this guy has probably realized when taking this project, he has to work with the aliens that his great grandfather imprinted into the modern imagination when people think of the word, “Martian.”
This to me changes my whole perception of what this movie could be. It could work as a parody of “War of the Worlds,” so that families would enjoy NOT thinking of what 40-50 dollars spent on a large screen and glasses would bring.

I don’t include food, cause lets be honest with ourselves; why do we end up wearing very baggy cloths and carrying satchels to the movies, to look “cool”?

He did direct “The Time Machine,” which was also an adaptation to the book grand-pappy Wells wrote. To me, that movie held up. I read the book, keeping that in mind when I watched the movie. For the size of the book, it was possible to adapt it in its entirety. To me Simon managed to make the story his own, fit into an hour and a half on screen, and give the time traveler (who didn’t even have a friggin’ name in the book!) a back story that motivates him to venture the 4th dimension.

A couple of changes I would’ve make goes to Orlando Joneses role as a super computer, cause when you think of a super computer containing all the knowledge of the human race, you think of the black guy from “Evolution.”

But what about the motion capture? With Robert Zemeckises name in the credits, its bound to blow! Yes that might be VERY true, but when you look back at Simon Wellses resume, you’ll see that he no stranger to animation. He has some good credits under his belt, which includes “Prince of Egypt,” “Balto,” and work on “Who framed Roger Rabbit,” considered to many as the film to get the Disney renaissance in motion. And it wasn’t like he had luck in the 90s’, he was a sequence supervisor to “Kung Fu Panda,” my favorite animated film from DreamWorks that convinces me that Katzenberg’s method of pampering artists to spill out films on short deadlines could work.







…Well, its definitely a hit and miss method.

All in all, it might be too early to judge a movie by its poster. We haven’t seen a trailer yet, and what ever I say might work for or against me once its released. You never know, they might’ve fixed the “dead eye” effect that turned me off when watching “Polar Express.”

Cause seriously, Tom Hanks as a conductor of a train that takes children away to a far off, untraceable land wasn’t scary enough!

-Joey T.


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1 Response to “Mars Need Moms!” and why it might not suck!

  1. tedzey says:

    Oh yeah, and 2 thumbs up for mucking the title of the film!

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